EHR deployment simplified.

Site survey and

understanding the challenges specific to a given location will help us get you a solution that works!

Choosing the right

Electricity, networking, server, PCs, Tablets...
We get the right hardware for you.

Simple Software
advanced functionality

Our software is designed for you, just you and exactly the way you want it.

We train your Staff,
all of them.

Because we go down to their lavel, novice and experts will always find something to learn from us.

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HealthDIS at a glance

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HealthDIS Software

  • Providing complete, more accurate, legible, and most up-to-date information about patient and their health record
  • Enable quick, coordinated and simultaneous access to patient information
  • Improve quality of care through better diagnose, reduce medical errors, and decision support systems
  • Allow secure sharing clinical information
  • Safer, more reliable, and affordable prescriptions
  • Enhanced security and privacy of patient data
  • Easy financial auditing, report generation, and budgeting with almost complete blockade of financial pilferages
  • Reducing costs through decreased paperwork
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Want to Ask Something
From Us?

Why do you always insist on site survey before anything?

Visiting your hospital must be the first stage of your software development. Because in EHR deployment we have to know the challenges that will make your program fail. We advice you on how to get 24/7 electricity, where to locate your server, which departemnt to start with, cost implication and potential benefits, and lots more

Why is your software looking different in different places?

Because every software we design is customized for for a specific location. We design pages just like the regular paper records and make sure that your staff can use the software. But all our installations share same database structure and collect same information in one way or the other. so it may looks different and simple but complete and accurate

Can I access my record while away from my hospital.

Our software is primarily designed to work on a server within a hospital connected to mother units by wired or wireless LAN connections. But we can make your server accessible from anywhere securely and cost effectively. So feel free to request for remote access to your server if you want.

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